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Health Testing 

The health of our cats is of the upmost important. Our mission is to produce healthy, genetically clean cats with awesome temperaments and longevity. Our cats come from amazing Ukraine lines, but we plan to go the extra miles to assure our cats are clean from HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) that affects this breed of cat. Our cats will have yearly echocardiograms performed by a Cardiologist Veterinarian. Each of our kittens will go home with a 2 year health guarantee to be clean from GENETIC HCM. Please research HCM before adopting a sphynx or any breed of cat that is prone to HCM. We also encourage our pet parents to perform yearly echocardiograms on their pet cats. 
*Please note that GENETIC HCM is different than heart issues that can arise from other illnesses. 

If a cat’s DNA and echo aren’t posted, they are currently pending. No cat is cleared to breed without a DNA test and clean echo! 



Natia’s DNA testing 

Joker’s DNA

Joker’s DNA test results. 

Health Testing : Available Pets
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