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Zendaya Spring Chorus

Zendaya, home name Olive, is a breath-taking, rare colored sphynx from Ukraine! Her unique striping is what sets her apart from other sphynx, who are typically solid colors. I spent months searching for the perfect tabby sphynx to add to my program until the stars aligned, and she basically fell into my lap! We are so excited to see what kittens she has us this fall/winter!

Rich Demure Natia

Natia is a bambino female imported from Ukraine. Natia is the mother to our first litter of sphynx kittens. She and her daughter, Jade PinkCat, are owned by my mother-in-law. She is an amazing mother, and we hope that trait is passed down to her daughter! (Picture taken by her breeder in Ukraine) 


ShadyPines Jada PinkCat

This gorgeous odd eyed white Canadian Sphynx is also from our first litter of sphynx babies. Her mother is Natia, listed above. This gorgeous, unique girl will remain in the cattery and live with my mother-in-law along with her mother. We are hoping she will give us some odd eyed kittens just like her this winter! 


Lulu is a beautiful black sphynx imported from Ukraine. Since arriving to the US, she has decided beside the bathroom sink is her most favorite place to be, except for when we come home, and then she wants to be right beside her humans. She loves all the attention she can get. 
Miss Lulu will be spayed this summer and retired from our program. 

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