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ShadyPines Shiloh and ShadyPines Clawdia

ShadyPines Shiloh (left black Canadian Sphynx) and ShadyPines Clawdia (right blue bicolor Canadian Sphynx) are sisters that will remain in the cattery for breeding. They are from our first litter of sphynx kittens. These girls stole my heart the minute I met them! I almost stopped breeding cats, but these two girls reminded me why I do what I do - I love raising healthy, beautiful babies! 


Natia is a bambino female imported from Ukraine. Natia is the mother to Shiloh, Clawdia, and the nameless white odd eyed female. She and the odd eyed white female are owned by my mother-in-law. She is an amazing mother, and we hope that trait is passed down to her daughters! (Picture taken by her breeder in Ukraine) 


Odd Eyed White Canadian Sphynx

This gorgeous odd eyed white Canadian Sphynx is also from our first litter of sphynx babies. Her mother is Natia, and her sisters are Shiloh and Clawdia. This gorgeous, unique girl will remain in the cattery and live with my mother-in-law along with her mother. We are hoping she will give us some odd eyed kittens just like her this winter! 

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